1What are the advantages of organic fertilizers ?
Our complete range of organic fertilizers has been specially designed to meet the needs of the most heavy feeding plants with short cycles of life. They provide your plants with all the main and secondary nutrients they need. Click here to learn more about organic fertilizers.
2What is the feeding chart of your fertilizers?
Click here to discover all our advice in order to make the best of our range of fertilizers. You can alos use our nutrient calculator.
3Where can I find fertilizers and products by Guano Diffusion?

You can buy our products in different ways :

  • On our website
  • In the best independent and franchise Growshops see our page Find a store
  • In all the Hydrozone shops
  • By coming to our « Drive » in Grenoble if your order for at least 50kg of products.

Please make sure you priorly send us your order by email.

4What is it that makes us stand out from our competitors ?
We offer
  • A bat guano free of mineral additives and that ca be used in organic farming ( European Standards Regulation 834/2007)
  • Targeted NPK ratios and trace elements to meet the needs of each and every stage of development of your ecologically-grown plants
  • Powder fertilizers that are easy to use both indoor and outdoor
  • A careful selection of top-range raw materials, for a 100% organic success
  • Fair prices, decreasing with the quantity of products bought.
  • A large range of packagings, from 500g sachets to 25kg bags.
  • A complete range MADE IN FRANCE
5Should the pH of the irrigation water be controlled and balanced ?

Soil is not inert materia. It’s living and keeps a balanced pH through a delicate balance between organic bases and acids. Using our range of fertilizers helps your soil maintain this balance without the need to check and adjust the pH of your irrigation water (if it’s between 5,8 and 8,2).

Be careful : if you’ve already started testing and correcting the pH of your irrigation water, you have to keep doing so until you’ve harvested. Otherwise, you would break the soil buffering capacity.

To sum it up, you have two options. Either you always test and correct the pH of your irrigation water from planting to harvesting, or you never test and correct the pH. If you change the procedure at some point during the development cycle of your crops, the impact will be direct on your plants’ health.

6How long can I store your fertilizers?
  • Alguamycor ® can be stored 2 years between 4°C and 28°C.
  • Guanodiff Classic’s and Guanodiff Bloom can be stored more tan 2 years if you keep store them in a dry and cool place (temperaturas below 35°C) and protected from UVs.
  • Lombricompost can be stored 1 year if the packaging is well closed, enabling moisture conservation and protection against UVs.
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