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GUANODIFF AUTOMATIK’ auto-flower NPK 3-7-5 : 100% organic fertilizer, specifically designed for crops with early and automatic blooming grown in a pot, without any transplantation. Made in France.



GUANODIFF AUTOMATIK’ NPK 3-7-5 is a fertilizer that is a 100% organic and specifically designed for crops with early and automatic blooming developing in only one pot. It is perfect for tropical plants.

It is rich in organic bat guano and gives your plants all the major and secondary nutriments they need, as well as trace elements and polysaccharides (sugar). Thanks to GUANODIFF AUTOMATIK’, your plants will gro healthily and produce tasty early flowers and fruits.

Naturally rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements and aminoacids, GUANODIFF AUTOMATIK’ is a really source of essential nutritive elements to achieve early, abundant and quality harvests.

Carbohydrates play a key role in sugar synthesis and therefore in producing tastier fruits and vegetables.

GUANODIFF AUTOMATIK’ is an organic fertilizer NPK 3-7-5 that can be used in organic farming*. You will just have to mix it with your soil, adding 10g of AUTOMATIK’ for each liter of substrate.

*European regulation standards CE n°834-2007

GUANODIFF AUTOMATIK’ is to be used with Alguamycor® and Lombricompost. We highly recommend adding half a dose of Guanodiff Bloom through light spiking of the soil every 15 to 20 days after potting your plants.

Code – French Regulation StandardsNF U42001
Organic AgricultureProduct in compliance with European Regulation Standards  (CE) n°834 /2007
Fertilizer type100% organic fertilizer NPK and guaranteed without any mineral additives
CompositionBat guano, beet vinasse extracts
Key nutrientsPotassium: 5%
Phophorus: 7%
Nitrogen: 3%
+ polysaccharides and carbohydrates
Secondary nutrients and trace elementsCalcium 18%
Magnesium 0,7%
Iron 0,68%
Manganese 0,09%
Boron 28mg/kg
Key charcateristics
  • Significatively increases harvests’ yield
  • Efficient and easy-to-use with auto-flowering  plants, or with plants grown in only one pot (for example, crops grown using the Autopot® system)
Additional characteristicsNatural antifungal : strenghtens plants and makes them more resistent to parasites and pathogen fungus.
Time efficiencyImmediate action, and then for 4 to 6 weeks.
User guideMix with your substrate when preparing your growing pot, using 10g of AUTOMATIK for each liter of substrate.
Our tipTo boost seed germination, plant your seeds in GD SeedMix before transplanting them in their growing pot.

After a week, transplant them in their final growing pot with ZEROMIX®, adding GUANODIFF AUTOMATIK, ALGUAMYCOR® and LOMBRICOMPOST.

After another 15 to 20 days, add half-dose of GUANODIFF BLOOM. Add one more half-dose after another 15 to 20 days.

Additional information
Weight kg

In a bag – 10 KG, In a bag – 100 KG, In a bag – 20 KG, In a bucket 7KG (env. 10L), In a sachet – 3 KG, In a sachet – 500G, In a sachet – 1 KG

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