GUANODIFF Classic’s – bat guano

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GUANODIFF CLASSIC’S – Bat Guano : 100% organic and natural growth fertilizer (N-P : 3-8). Usable in organic agriculture*. Guaranteed free of mineral additives. Made in France.


GUANODIFF Classic’s – bat guano

GUANODIFF CLASSIC’S – bat guano has a balanced N/P ratio (3 – 8) that is ideal for sustained growth and efficient root system development. Its action is immediate and lasts up to 8 weeks.

GUANODIFF CLASSIC’S is 100% bat guano, produced by frugivore and insectivore bats. It is extraordinary fertilizing, prepares plants to a luxurious flowering and will boost both the yields and the aroma of your harvests.

Guaranteed free of mineral additives.

Approved for use in organic agriculture (*in compliance with European regulation standards (EC) No 834/2007)

User guide : add and mix 10g of GUANODIFF CLASSIC’S per litre of light substrate (non fertilized) since the beginning of the growth phase.

Example : for a 3.5L pot, add 35g of GUANODIFF CLASSIC’S to your light substrate and mix (check the EC of your substrate and make sure it is < 1.1). For more details and examples, take a look at our feeding charts.




Code – French Regulation Standards

NF U 42-001/A10

Organic Agriculture

*Product in compliance with European Regulation Standards  (CE) n°834 /2007

Fertilizer type

Organic NP, guaranteed without mineral additives


Bat guano

Key nutrients

Phosphorus  8%
Nitrogen  3%

Secondary nutrients and trace elements

Calcium 19%
Potassium 0,8%
Iron 0,77%
Magnesium 0,74%
Manganese 0,1%
Boron 23mg/kg

Key characteristics

High efficiency roots, stem and leaves growth booster

Additional characteristics

  • Natural nematicide and antifungal : strenghtens plants and makes them more resistent to parasites and pathogen fungus.
  • Will not burn your plants if used in excess.

Time efficiency

Immediate action and then for up to 8 to 10 weeks.

User guide

Mix Guanodiff Classic’s directly with the substrate in the following proportions : 10g of Guanodiff Classic’s per 1L of substrat.

For more details, see our Feeding Charts.

Our tip

Once the growth phase sustained by Guanodiff Classic’s is over, use Guanodiff Bloom for the flowering and fruit-forming phases.

Additional information
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ECHANTILLON – Unidose 80g (pour 8L), En pot – 1L (620gr), En sachet – 1 KG, En sachet – 3 KG, En sachet – 4 KG, En sachet – 7 KG, En sachet – 10 KG, En sachet – 20 KG, En sachet – 100 KG, En seau 10L, En seau 2KG, En seau 1KG

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