Lombri-compost – Ultimate Worm Humus

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LOMBRI-COMPOST – Ultimate Worm Humus : natural soil activator that you can use in organic farming. Natural amendment made by worms. 100% organic. Free of mineral additives.

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Lombri-compost – Ultimate Worm Humus

Good to know: 1 Kg of LOMBRI-COMPOST is equivalent to 10 Kg of horse manure. Choose above the format you need!

Our LOMBRI-COMPOST is a natural amendment made by worms breaking down organic material. Vermicompost is naturally rich in enzymes, natural hormones, rhizosphere micro-organisms, bacteria and beneficial fungi. It is a real soil activator!

When adding LOMBRI-COMPOST to your soil, all the organic fertilizers are broken down at an optimal pace. This makes it an amendment of exceptional efficiency regarding root system boosting, water retention, early flower and fruit development, and fruit and vegetables ripening. Last but not least, LOMBRI-COMPOST can be used in organic farming as it meets the European Regulation Standards  (CE) n°834/2007.

Vermicompost is an amendment to use with light fibre substrates or any other kind of susbtrate than enables keeping optimal oxygenation of the root system. We recommend mixing your substrate with  20% of LOMBRICOMPOST and adding bat guano at the same time in order to make your LOMBRI-COMPOST even more efficient.

>> We highly recommend using our LOMBRI-COMPOST with our range of organic fertilizers. For more details, please see our Feeding Charts.



LOMBRICOMPOST (high end – fine screening)

French standard

NF U 44-051

Organic growing

Product in compliance with European Regulation Standards  (CE) n°834 /

FertiliZer type

100 % Organic. guaranteed without any mineral additives;


« Eisenia foetida » earthworm excrement

Key inputs

Micro-organisms, 50 types of bacteria, 9 beneficial fungi which optimize the breaking down of organic fertilizers.

Humic acids + fulvic acids

Organic materials: 22.1%

Organic Nitrogen (N) 0.9%

Phosphoric anhydride (P) 0.8%

Potassium oxide 0.4%

Secondary inputs and trace elements

Enzymes and growth hormones

Main property

Optimizes the breaking down of organic fertilizers

Complementary properties

Stimulates the microbial life.

Improves plants resistance to water stress.

User guide

For indoor crops : mix with the substrate, adding 20% of Lombricompost

For outdoor crops : mix with the substrate, adding between 1 to 2 kg of Lombricompost per plant.

Our tip

Add Lombricompost to your soil when transplanting your crops, adding our organic fertilizers at the same time.

Do NOT use with mineral fertilizers.

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