Lombri-compost – Ultimate Worm Humus

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Our LOMBRICOMPOST is a supplement for soil that is 100% natural and usable in organic growing, made 100% of earthworm excrement. It is the perfect microbial amendment that makes it a real soil activator. By adding it to your soil, the organic fertilisers are decomposed at an optimal pace.

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Good to know: 1 Kg of LOMBRICOMPOST is equivalent to 10 Kg of horse manure. Choose above the format you need!

It is particularly recommanded in association with organic fertilisers thanks to its massive contribution of microbial flora. This microbial life aims at achieve an optimum and complete decomposition of organic fertilisers. Our product can also be used for reactivating a poor soil.

Our LOMBRICOMPOST is made of 100 % organic high raw materials : horse and cow manures. Those manures are digested by « Eisenia foetida » earthworm.

It is a product of exceptional efficiency to both improve the plants rooting, water retention, increased precocity and maturation of fruits, flowers, vegetables.

Free of mineral additives guaranteed

Conforms to French standard NF U 44-051

Approved for use in organic agriculture in compliance with regulation (EC) No 834/2007

Made 100% with horse and cows manures

Fine screening


LOMBRICOMPOST (high end – fine screening)

French standard

NF U 44-051

Organic growing

In accordance with regulation (EC) No 834 / 2007

Fertiliser type

100 % organic. Free of mineral additives guaranteed.


« Eisenia foetida » earthworm excrement

Key inputs

Rhizospheric microorganisms, 50 types of bacteria, 9 beneficial fungi which, amongst others, optimises decomposition of organic fertilisers for your organic plants.

Humic acids + fulvic

Organic matter 22,1 %

Nitrogen 0,9 %

Phosphorus 0,8 %

Potassium 0,4 %

Secondary inputs and trace elements

Enzymes and growth hormones

Main property

Optimises the decomposition of organic fertilisers

Complementary properties

Stimulates the microbial life.

Improves plants resistance to water stress.

User guide

Indoor: mixing 20% vermicompost with substrate culture

Outdoor: incorporate 1 Kg or 2 Kg per plant.

Guano-Diffusion trick

Incorporate during the transplantation at the same time as organic fertilisers.

Do not use with mineral fertilisers

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