INSECT FRASS® – Microbia Boost®

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INSECT FRASS® – Insect Guano – black soldier flies. 100% organic. This microbial booster enriches the soil microbiota. As a direct consequence, the breakdown of organic fertilizers is enhanced. It is fit for use in organic farming*.


INSECT FRASS® – Microbia Boost®

INSECT FRASS® – Microbia Boost® – A lot more than just an insect guano

Its agronomic potential exceeds the performances of worm guano which is already well-known for its beneficial effects on plant metabolism.

It is very interesting to use INSECT FRASS® along your usual GUANODIFF fertilizers for 4 reasons :

  • INSECT FRASS® is rich in chitin.

Chitin is an amino sugar which enables the development of a microbiota efficient against plant pathogens such as Fusarium. Moreover, chitin plays a key structural role in micorrhizae. Indeed, chitin is both an essential resource for optimal micorrhizae and first choice feeding for some beneficial soil bacteria.

  • INSECT FRASS® reactivates your soil.

Rich in microbial flora and free of pathogens, INSECT FRASS® reactivates the soil and improves the availability of nutritive elements for a luxurious blooming, particularly phosphorus.

  • INSECT FRASS® supplements all organic fertilizers

The NPK ratio (3/2.2/2.4) of the insect guano INSECT FRASS® is balanced and ideal to meet the needs of an abundant blooming. Its slow release will preserve your plants from risks of burns. Moreover, it is efficient as soon as you have added it to the soil.

  • INSECT FRASS® protects.

The immune system of all living organisms relies on the quality of the microbiota. Insect guano is rich in probiotics and prebiotics such as chitinous polysaccharides.

  • Mix 5g of INSECT FRASS® per liter of substrate when transplanting into the flowering pot, with your usual fertilizers as well.
  • Add through combing during the 5th/6th week of flowering.
  • Repeat 15 days later for flowering phases that are longer than 9 weeks.

Example : in order to transplant a plant from a 3L pot into an 11L pot, you will add 8L of soil. In such a case, you will need to add 40g of INSECT FRASS® for the extra 8L of soil, on top of your usual fertilizers (Bloom, Alguamycor® and Lombri-Compost).

*Fit for use in organic farming in compliance with the European Regulation n°834/2007. Made in France by Guano-Diffusion.

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