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ALGUAMYCOR® V2 is a powerful root booster that is based on the biological effectiveness of the symbiosis between mycorrhizal fungi and your plant. Will boost the efficiency of your root system by a factor up to 7. 100% organic and guaranteed free of mineral additives. Made in France.

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ALGUAMYCOR®V2 is a powerful root booster that is based on the biological effectiveness of the symbiosis between mycorrhizal fungi and your plant.

When planting or transplanting your crops, simply mix 10g of ALGUAMYCOR® V2 per plant with the soil (i.e 100g/10L). ALGUAMYCOR® V2 is a powder fertilizer, so mixing it with your substrate/soil will be easy. The results will be undeniable : a root system as much as 7 times more efficient !

How does it work?

The hyphal threads of the simbiotic  mycorrhizal fungi explore the soil and gather and absorb nutrients for the plant. They provide those nutrients to the plant through its roots. In return, the plant feeds the fungi with sugars that enable them to live. Inside the roots, the hyphal threads penetrate the host’s cells, forming a membrane structure which enables an arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. It is through this phenomenon that ALGUAMYCOR® V2 multiplies the efficiency of the root system by 7.

Moreover, ALGUAMYCOR® V2 is rich in proteobacteria, which break down important nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Therefore, ALGUAMYCOR® V2 has a double action, and enables an optimal exploitation of the fertilizers contained in your soil.

Guaranteed free of mineral additives.

Approved for use in organic agriculture.

>> We recommend using ALGUAMYCOR® V2 with our fertilizers Guanodiff Classic’s or Guanodiff Automatik, and Guanodiff Bloom. You’ll find more details and advice on our feeding charts.


  • It multiplies the efficiency of the root system by a factor of 7.
  • It is economical : 1kg of ALGUAMYCOR® V2 is enough for 100L of substrate !
  • It protects your plants from pathogenic fungi.
  • It stimulates the natural immune defenses of your plants, thanks to the brown algae it contains and which is naturally rich in polysaccharides and amino acids.
  • It sustains the growth phase of plants.
  • It is a stem thickener.
  • It is easy to use! Whe transplanting  your plant, mix 10g of ALGUAMYCOR® V2 per litre of soil. Water.



Code – French Regulation Standards

NF U42001

Organic Agriculture

Product in compliance with European Regulation Standards  (CE) n°834 /

Fertilizer type

100% Organic and guaranteed without any mineral additives


Seaweed meal and endomycorrhizal fungi

Key intake

15000 Glomus propagules by kg

Secondary nutrients and trace elements

Potassium     3%
Calcium 2,6%
Nitrogen  2%
Magnesium  0.98%
Phosphore 0.2%
Iron 0,63%
Manganese 0,08%
Boron 26mg/kg
+ oligosaccharides, polysaccharides (alginate, carrageenan, laminarin, fucoids), vitamins (riboflavin, tiamine…)
+ vitamines (riboflavine,

Key charcateristic

Root system booster. Makes the root systems up to 7 times more efficient ! 

Additional characteristics


  • Natural nematicide and antifungal : strenghtens plants and makes them more resistent to parasites and pathogen fungus.
  • Growth booster and stem thickener.
  • Enables better harvests, both in quality and quantity.

Storage recommendations

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from the sun.

User manual

Use when transplanting your crops. Mix 10g of Alguamycor per liter of soil. Water.

Our tip

Use ALGUAMYCOR® V2 as early as the first transplant for an optimal efficiency.
Additional information
Weight kg

In a bag – 20 KG, In a bucket 10KG, In a bucket 2KG, In a bucket 3KG, In a bucket 7KG, In a jug – 1L (900gr), In a sachet – 1 KG, In a sachet – 500GR, SAMPLE – Unidose 80g (for 8L)

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