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ZEROMIX® is a non-fetilized horticultural substrate designed by Guano-Diffusion. It is made in France, 100% organic and fit for use in organic agriculture. Its structure has been studied to offer plants the best growing environment.





ZEROMIX® is an horticultural non-fertilized compost. It has high structural performance. Made with a mix of blond peat moss, coco and clay, ZEROMIX® is very resistant to compacting. The speed of root development in ZEROMIX® is unbeatable!

ZEROMIX ® is a 100% organic horticultural compost. It ensures a good water retention capacity, all the while guaranteeing an efficient and long-term oxygenation of the root system.

ZEROMIX ® brings together performance, organic structure and ecological footprint.

This horticultural substrate contains 30% of recyclable components and is fit for use in organic agriculture*.

Blond and black peat moss (sphagnum) ensure an excellent cation exchange capacity, as well as a light fibrous texture. Mixed with coco chips and coco fibres, ZEROMIX ® is potentiated to obtain the best agronomic results.

ZEROMIX ®  is a versatile substrate, adapted to all types of fertilizers for soil and coco cultures.

Non fertilized substrate.

Fit for use in organic agriculture*

Made in France

100% of organic origin – 30% of recyclable materials

European standard : Culture Carrier NFU 44-551

Composition : Blond peat moss (sphagnum) – Coco – Clay

Dry matter : 35%

Organic matter : 92%

pH (1/5) : 6

Conductivity (1/5) : 10mS/m (value expressed according to European standards)

Conductivité Equivalent (1/1,5) : 0,2mS/m (value expressed according to French standards)

Water retention capacity : 700mL/L

*In compliance with the European decree CE 834/2007

>> You can use Zéromix® with our range of fertilizers !


Additional information
Weight13 kg
Dimensions50 × 40 × 20 cm

1 sac de 10L, 1 sac de 20L, 1 sac de 50L, 10 sacs de 50L livrés en 72h, 51 sacs de 50L (1 palette complète)

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