GD SeedMix®

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GD SeedMix®: fertile ground especially designed for seedlings. Light, with organic fertilizers and usable in organic agriculture. Made in France.

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GD SeedMix® is a special fertile ground especially designed for seedlings. It is light, contains organic fertilizers and can be used in organic agriculture. Created with a mix of blond and black peat moss, GD SeedMix® is ideal for germination and adapted to cultures in individual cups. It can also be easily compressed.

The horticultural compost GD SeedMix ® has a great capacity for water retention. It also guarantees great soil aeration, and provides young plants all the nutrients they need during their first week in a small pot.

Blond and black peat moss give GD SeedMix ® an excellent capacity of cation exchange capacity, as well as a light fibrous texture.

GD SeedMix ® guarantees a healthy, strong, autonomous and organic germination.

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Suited for use in organic agriculture*

Made in France

100% of organic origin

Product category : Culture Carrier NFU 44-551

Composition : Blond and black peat moss

Dry matter : 35%

Organic matter/Dry matter (mass ratio) : 85%

pH (1/5) : 6

Conductivity (1/5) : 40mS/m (European standard )

Water retention capacity : 700mL/L

Containes organic fertilizers NPK: 5-3,5-8 (1 g/L)

*in compliance with the European decree CE 834/2007


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