Cann’Candy – Cane Molasses

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Cann’Candy : Cane molasses by Guano Diffusion, usable in organic farming. Contains carbohydrates which make fruits tastier and sweeter.


Cann’Candy – Cane Molasses

Cann’Candy is our cane molasses. Like all our fertilizers, it can be used in organic farming*.  Cann’Candy will bring useful carbohydrates to support your plants during their flowering phase. Indeed, can molasses increase the sugar rates of fruits, which makes them sweeter. and tastier.

Moreover, cane molasses feed useful and beneficial bacteria contained in oxygenated tea compost solutions. By doing so, they enable living and healthy soils.

>> Cann’Candy is available in 1L bottles, 5L (7kg) canister, 25L (35kg) canisters and 1000L (1400kg) tanks.

You can use Cann’Candy with your usual organic fertilizers. Do not hesitate to take a look a our page dedicated to Dosages for more details about our range of fertilizers.

* Fit for use in Organic Farming, in compliance with the European Regulation n°834/2007.

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1L, 5L (7kg), 25L (35kg), 1000L (1400kg)

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