Horticultural Perlite

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Horticultural Perlite – Guano Diffusion : expanded silica sand of volcanic origin. Facilitates substrate drainage.To be mixed with horticultural soils. Fit for use with Autopot systems.

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Horticultural Perlite

Horticultural perlite is an expanded silica sand of volcanic origin. You can mix it with your substrate to facilitate its drainage, to lighten it and to better the oxygenation of roots. Moreover, perlite has a great water retention capacity.

Some horticultural fertile grounds have a structure that packs down on itself with time. In such a case, mix them with some perlite, adding from 15 to 30% of perlite. It will  prevent this packing and will enable the root system and your plants to grow better.

Adding perlite to your substrate also lowers its electro-conductivity (EC). It can therefore be interesting when using certain sorts of light–mixes which EC value is slightly too high to be compatible with all our organic fertilizers. Indeed, fertilizers by Guano Diffusion should be used with an horticultural ground with an EC value under 1.1mS/cm3.

>> Our perlite is available in bags of 5L, 10L and 20L. Pick up the volume you need ! From casual gardeners to farmers, we have packages for everyone.

>> You can mix perlite with ZéroMix® for cultures grown in Autopot systems. For more information about that, please see our page “Feed charts“, which has an entire paragraph dedicated to culture using Autopot systems.

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